Taking down and removing entirely a tree can be a daunting task. If you don’t have the right equipment and experience in this matter, it can even be dangerous.

Fortunately, our company has everything necessary to remove safely any type of tree while saving some precious time and effort in the process. You just have to call the pros and we will be with you shortly to help.

Tree Removal in Warren, Michigan

If one of your trees is dying, obstructing the way, or too damaged to regain its full health later in the future, it’s often better to remove it entirely. We understand that some of you may be emotionally attached to their trees but sometimes you have to let go and plant another one that will possibly be even more beautiful.

Our tree specialists will come to your property to take a look and will make some recommendations based on their experience. It’s possible to relocate or replace your tree with a more suitable tree type.

Tree Removal Service in Macomb County

Removing a tree is a way to reduce competition between trees since they often compete for the same pool of resources: water, air, space, soil…

In other cases, getting rid of trees is done to clear an area in order to build new structures. It is all about creating space and managing your trees’ growth. Our crew members are equipped with modern equipment and they have the skills and experience to remove any type of tree safely and efficiently.

For manual tree removal, our team of tree climbers will do the job perfectly well. They can get access to even the most difficult areas and the impact is less important than if we use bucket trucks. Climbing trees is also faster and offers more flexibility.

Felling the tree is another preferred method of ours, it’s not only efficient but also safe. It depends on the type of landscape features and on the space available as well. We will cut the tree and fell it to the ground where it will be cut into pieces and hauled away.

If you have less room, we will just rig the tree limbs and take them to the ground. This is slower but also safer if there are houses or built areas nearby. It is also the best solution if access is limited.

Tree Removal Cost in Roseville, MI

A question we often hear from our customers is “How much does tree removal cost?” and the answer is not as much as you expected.

But we advise to not put a price on your house and family safety! We are here to help you by offering great prices and even better value for every dollar you spend with us. If the problem seems too big to be fixed or the cost too important, we have financing options available. All our tree removal experts are fully licensed, insured and bonded.

Call our office now at (586) 251-0879 to get more information about our tree removal service.